Solving error code 2,140,21 or 2140,21 on Canon printers

Error 2,140,21 or 2,157,50 appears on Canon printers when the scanner is used.
  • "Printer is in use or an error has occurred. Check status. Scanner driver will be closed. Code : 2,140,21"

Solution 1:
  • On Windows: go to "devices"
  • Click on "Printer"
  • Click on "Stop printing".

Solution 2:
  • Reinstate the driver of the printer.

Solution 3:
  • Turn off the firewall

Solution 4:
  • Sometimes, replacing the cartridge could solve the problem.


Kyaw Swar Wynn said...

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Anonymous said...

Dump this shit! I cannot scan nor print greyscale if the color tint is freshed out. Either it adds color tint to black and white documents or it is a complet liability.